How to Save Thousands of Dollars in Florida Real Estate Commissions

In today’s economic environment, particularly in states such as Florida, we find ourselves in a serious buyers market. The simple fact of the matter is, selling a home in the state of Florida is extremely difficult unless you have a great real estate agent standing by your side. However, even with the best real estate agent in the world you are still going to have to worry about the amount of money you’ll need to pay in Florida real estate commissions.

The commission that you are going to pay needs to be decided before your home gets listed on the MLS. A typical commission that is paid is going to be 6% to the real estate agent, but many people are negotiating for a much lower percentage than that. You just need to make sure that you give your real estate agent enough of a percentage that they will be sure to work in your corner and get your home sold. However, the one thing that you should know about Florida real estate commissions is that the percentage that you are going to pay to your real estate agent may NOT always be negotiable. Many, if not most, brokers will not allow their agents to cut their commission. If this is the case, the agent has no choice, but to charge you the full price. However, you always have the choice of choosing a different real estate agent…one who IS willing to cut their commission.

However, don’t forget that although nobody wants to pay Florida real estate commissions, a real estate agent needs to make some money for their job the same as anybody else. The fact of the matter is, they are finding you a buyer in a market that is very difficult at the moment. Because of this, they earn every penny that they make.

Your only other option to get it on MLS is to look into the possibility of doing a flat rate listing. If you do this, you’re going to pay a one-time flat fee of somewhere in the neighborhood of $299 – $799 in order to be listed in the MLS. Your home will be searchable on a variety of different websites and through any real estate agents that are looking for homes in your area for some of their buyers. This can save you thousands of dollars. You at least save the 3% commission that would have gone to your agent (selling agent) and if you happen to sell the home without a buying agent, you don’t have to pay any Florida real estate commissions.